In short, we got our investment back to us 300 times over! We are on the first page of Google for the keywords that are important to us and we are able to compete with the large players in our industry. In a world where SEO business are popping up every day (and calling me every day), the best decision I made was to go with Daniel Lewis and I highly recommend you do the same.


During the last couple of years I came to realize that I was missing out on what is actually a fairly large market segment of our customer base…. those guests who initially identify a lodging facility on the internet and then either make arrangements to stay there or at least consider the property once they arrive in town….. Typically contractors on longer term construction assignments.

I initially developed what I thought was a pretty well thought through web-site for the property. But, no matter what search criteria I entered into Google, I was not able to locate my own website; I could only do so if I typed in the actual URL for the site. Needless to say, if I couldn’t locate my website, no one else would be able to either.

Since I acquired the motel in 2008, I have always had my Manager track how our guests came to the decision to stay at our hotel. I can truly say that we are generating about a thousand dollars a month in new business from the internet and significantly more from those guests who initially came to our motel as a result of what they read on the internet but continue to stay with us on a week-to-week or month-to-month basis.

Dan, I also appreciate your personal involvement in my business. Your suggestions for improvements to my website have been invaluable. I have now acquired another motel and am looking forward to similar results from what you will do for that hotel when its open.

Hotel Owner

After spending thousands of dollars with another company and not seeing any results after 1 year, I finally was fortunate enough to work with Daniel Lewis. Daniel showed such integrity through the process as well as offering suggestions and ideas along the way. In my opinion, this company demonstrated overwhelming customer service that I was just not used to getting in the past from other companies. I am getting more calls per week now than we had in the year and a half prior to this.

Industrial Labor Agency

We started this program about a year ago and since then we have doubled our sales and it’s directly attributable to the SEO campaign. Daniel the SEO that you did for our site coupled with the article content, and link-building has vastly increased our traffic, it did everything you said it would do and continues to improve each and every month. My only regret is not starting sooner.

eCommerce Site

I had my website online for over a decade without a single patient finding me. In less time than other SEO companies said it would take to even see a first page, I was getting clients for long term treatment regimes.

Plastic Surgeon

When we started this process we did not take it very seriously, we knew we needed to be online but until we got to the first page we had NO IDEA how important it was. If you’re not there now don’t waste another day call Daniel today.

Medical Device Manufacturer

Our dental practice is up 35% in just six months and all of the new patients are coming from the internet.

Jaw Surgeon

With my old SEO company I would only be on the first page for a couple of weeks then off then back on, with this process I am always there and even have a few pages where I am the only dentist!


I started seeing results in just one week astonishing.


How did you do that? This is the best money I have ever spent.

Window Sales Company