In the early days of the internet before spam was such an issue it was easy to keep in front of your customers, just have a newsletter for them to sign up for an viola you had a way to send them information. Of course now no one signs up for newsletters any more. Then people started offering a free report! That worked great for a while but even that has faltered here lately, So how do you stay in front of your customers? Have you ever visited a website and then noticed adds for the site following you around the internet? If so then you have seen re-targeting in action.

An important goal for any company is staying in the mind of someone once they leave your site, with re-targeting you can be right in front of them as they spend time on thousands of websites including YouTube and Facebook.

Once you start re-targeting, you will not want to stop re-targeting! Try it out today and see how much it can help your business.

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